Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sponsored Review: Citra Light-Touch White

First of all, happy Ied Mubarak for those who celebrate it! So a few weeks ago Citra sent me a couple of products that i'm really interested in. The package came in a big white box that consists of a body lotion (the full size and a travel size), a serum, a facial foam, and a moisturizer. This post is long overdue, but i wanted to see the result or at least a difference in my skin before posting this.

What is Japanesse wakame?
Wakame is Japanesse seaweed, which contain various vitamins and minerals to brighten the skin, it will leave your skin looking lighter and fresh.


Click here and here to read further details of Japanese women's secrets for their amazing skin.

What i love the most about this line is that it stays true to what it claims, which is, the formula is easily absorbed by the skin and make you feel fresh. Honestly i hate it so much when a lotion takes a long time to dry to the point i need to start blowing air to my arms and legs.

Also the little things like, i wear a ring and i had to take it off whenever i put on any type of lotions because it can get messy, well not with this one, the texture is light so it doesn't ruin the ring or the skin underneath it can absorb it just fine.

The difference that i feel is that, my skin is so extremely soft after applying the serum and lotion. I do feel my skin has brighten up although it's not that drastic considering i've only been using these products for a few weeks. So far i'm very pleased with this line.


Gel Lotion
The lotion is obviously thicker than the serum, but i can assure you, once you put it on, it will dry within 30 seconds or less. You don't have to worry if you're in a hurry (hey that rhymes). Also a keep in mind that a little goes a long way with these bad boys, so make sure you dont squeeze too much! Also it smells really really nice.

Why Citra Korean Pink Orchid?
A lot of Asian women, including Indonesian, dream of a perfectly bright and flawless skin. This line offers to brighten up your skin and make it a lot soft and smooth. Don't worry you won't look pale like a zombie, your skin will look flushed and naturally bright. Pink orchid is rich with minerals which naturally brighten the skin, such as zinc, magnesium, and copper.

Facial foam - Moisturizer

The texture of facial foam itself is a little bit thick. Your skin will feel a little tight after washing your face but not in a bad way and not overly tight to the point it's hard to speak (trust me, i've had facial foams that does that in the past), but it's still feels clean and fresh. I'm in love with the scent actually, it smells amazing.

As for the moisturizer, i was a little bit hesitant to use it because i have a combination oily skin and my skin gets really oily throughout the day, however, despite the intimidatingly thick consistency, it actually dries matte and doesn't leave an oily residue to my skin. It does not suffocate my skin with it's moisture nor it is sticky. It also gives you that brightening effect instantly after applying it.

If you're a teenager and looking for a really affordable skin care products, i would totally recommend this.

I'd rate the Wakame line a solid 9/10 and the Korean Pink Orchid line an 8.5/10

FTC: This is a sponsored post. The products were sent to me by Citra. I did not receive any compensation as the a trade for this review. This is 100% my honest opinions.


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  2. Wow this is the first time I hear about wakame in beauty products! Thanks, I might check this one out for myself :) I also wanted to check out Vain Pursuits' skincare products... Have you heard of them before?

    1. Me too! Wakame is seaweed, right? I love to eat that stuff but never thought about using it in beauty products! Interesting, I've never heard of Vain Pursuits before, I'll check that out myself too