Monday, December 30, 2013

Last Minute Tutorial: New Year's Eve Easy Nail Art

Hi-ya! Sorry again for being M.I.A, i did not abandon this blog though. So who else feels 'naked' when their nails aren't nicely painted? Just me? Alright then, but i still gonna give you the tutorial. This is a super easy nail art design. Plus it makes your nails extra festive and not so dull with just a solid color of nail polish. I'm a nail girl, i feel so weird and uncomfortable when my nails aren't perfectly polished or painted. I had a Christmas dinner and my nails are looking so plain, so i did a quick nail art using some glitter and nail studs literally 3 hours before the dinner. I'm just weird like that..

Anyway, here's what you'll need:

Here's the list of the exact product i used:
  • O.P.I - Original Nail Envy
  • Revlon - Black Lingerie
  • O.P.I - Alpine Snow
  • O.P.I - Glitzerland
  • O.P.I - Save Me
  • Revlon Double Twist Top Coat (Not in the picture)
  • Dotting Tools (You'll need a bigger and a smaller end)
  • The brush in the picture is a thin nail art brush, i couldn't find the one i used, i was using a liner brush (i got the dotting tool and nail art brushes from born pretty store)

  • Step 1 

For the thumb, paint your thumbnails with white polish then using the bigger end of a dotting tool and the gold polish create 4-5 dots vertically. 
  • Step 2

For your pointer and pinky finger, apply the white polish. Using the liner brush or nail art striper make 3-4 lines vertically. Start on the middle for easier application. 
  • Step 3

For your middle finger. (again) Apply a white polish. Then dot some black polish using the dotting tool. Gradually, make the dots smaller and smaller. Finish it with a fine glitter polish. 
  • Step 4

Ring finger. Apply black polish. Then paint the tip using the glitter polish. With the liner brush slowly bring down the glitter, not too much though! Just make sure you can still see the black. PS: Ignore my bad henna between my knuckles. 

Finish it all with a clear top coat and you're pretty much done! Do add a little twist if you want to (you can change the vertical lines to diagonal, or for the thumb, dot it all over with the gold polish) Use your own creativity! 

Hope you enjoy this post and have a great new year's eve!



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